Process & Motion Control

Reduce human error, optimize workflow, and ensure quality by automating manual processes.

Process and Motion Control

PVI Systems has solved many difficult process and motion control problems for a variety of applications in the general manufacturing, energy and pharmaceutical industries. Process and motion control systems typically contain a motion controller, drive, actuator, mechanical components, and control software.

Our real-time motion control systems are typically developed using NI (National Instruments) CompactRIO (cRIO) controllers and modules and LabVIEW software. We have also integrated other third party instruments or equipment such as PLCs, environmental chambers, etc., into the systems we engineer. Mechanical components for a process and motion control system may include pumps, robotic arms, or stepper and servo motors.

cRIO - High-performance embedded controller with a user-programmable FPGA. Features include reconfigurable industrial I/O modules. Ideal for deployed or distributed measurement and control applications including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) cRIO  - High-performance embedded controller with a user-programmable FPGA

NI’s LabVIEW software is easily integrated with an array of hardware from benchtop instruments to FPGA-based embedded computer hardware. The software employs graphical data flow to move data from one function to another, making it easy to visualize aspects of your application, as well as customize user interfaces.

Contact us to discuss an engineered solution specially developed for your process or motion control application needs.

    Weld Fixture Tracking System Monitors Fabrication Process

    PVI designed custom data acquisition system and database to track manufacturing data relating to welding operations.

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    Clean and Fill System for Production Test of High End Servers
    An automated system that flushes the server cooling system with water and then fills the system with an appropriate amount of BTA coolant. Download PDF