Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

Custom Solutions to Support Research, Product Development, and Manufacturing

Phamaceutical and Life SciencesSince 1999, PVI has been delivering custom solutions to the world's largest pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, as well as life sciences and biotechnology research labs. Whether validating design and function of medical devices, or automating lab testing manual processes, we understand that the end result has an impact on human (or animal) life, and we take this very seriously. We use our extensive knowledge and expertise to design systems that can increase throughput, reduce risk of human error in measurement and data entry applications, and enhance the drug discovery process. PVI engineers have helped clients optimize testing to acquire more accurate data, as well as automate manual processes to improve workflow, reduce human error, and ensure quality.
    Phamaceutical and Life Sciences
  • Replace manual measurement devices with custom-designed mechanical or robotic systems
  • Design global databases to allow scientists from around the world to share, view, and analyze the data from scientific experiments
  • Automate the physical aspects of pharmaceutical lab testing
  • Replace manual data entry with computer-controlled lab instrumentation
  • Develop software to control manufacturing process equipment
  • Design Machine Vision systems for defect detection and analysis, or applications where a visual parameter needs to be identified and evaluated

Through collaboration with our sister company Sound Analytics, we have developed hardware and software products that enhance the drug discovery process.

Solutions for High-throughput Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry

Sound AnalyticsSound Analytics, our sister company, has developed hardware and software to enable research scientists to increase their productivity and efficiency. Sound Analytics’ products improve workflows and provide the ability to share and utilize critical information throughout an organization.

The LeadSampler (LS-I) – High-throughput Bioanalysis Platform

The LeadSampler (LS-I) – High-throughput Bioanalysis PlatformThe LS-I provides a high-speed, flexible and extremely reliable sample delivery system for traditional LC/MS in a space-saving footprint.

The LS-I is built around a high-speed sampling robot with up to eight UHPLC capable valves that are seamlessly integrated to support multiple LC applications and workflows. LC chemistries can be accessed on the fly within the LeadScape batch queue.

LS-I Features Leadscape™ Software Automation

LS-I Features Leadscape™ Software AutomationThe LS-I works with DiscoveryQuant™/Leadscape databases providing a portal to stored MRM and LC methods that can be deployed and shared across the enterprise. This global database serves as a repository of accumulated LC/MS knowledge driving collaboration, eliminating redundancy, and significantly enhancing ROI in associated LC/MS technology.

    Custom DAQ system for FDA-approved consumer product with centralized data storage to improve report generation