Solve your Inspection, Automation, and Data Acquisition Problems with a Custom-engineered System


For over 20 years, PVI Systems has been designing rigorous and reliable systems for Test, as well as Process and Motion Control for a wide spectrum of manufacturers. From home appliances and windows to exercise equipment and personal care items, our engineers have developed systems to automate testing or manual production processes.

Let the experts at PVI Systems assist with your Automation, Inspection, Data Acquisition, and R&D projects

Our expertise includes:

Automated Test & Measurement

Automate in-process or end-of-line testing to acquire more accurate data and optimize testing workflow.

Machine Vision

Automate visual inspection for tracking and sorting data related to defect detection, dimensional analysis, workmanship inspection, and more.

Process & Motion Control

Automate manual processes to improve workflow, reduce human error and ensure quality.

Data Acquisition

Applications include physical measurement data acquisition / mixed sensor data logging, real-time DAQ systems, custom database management, and more.

The Value of Test for Manufacturers

Improve ROI by Identifying flaws in design or production early

A considerable amount of time and money are invested in product development with Test often excluded from the product development budgetary planning. Testing performed too late in the product development process could increase costs and delay the time to market if design flaws or defects are uncovered, than if incorporated early and at different levels of design and assembly.

To ensure quality and reliability of your product development, proper test strategies should be implemented at the Design, Pre-production, and Production levels, as well as testing the final product. As testing becomes more complex, Incorporating scalable test systems can help reduce costs by allowing flexibility and growth in test processes.

Benefits of thorough testing:

  • Gain insight into your process by properly analyzing test data to isolate problems and determine if they are associated with materials, machinery, failed parts, or human error.
  • Reduce risk by validating design and function.
  • Reduce rework, waste, and product returns while improving yield by implementing Quality Control testing throughout the production cycle.
  • Real-time data logging can isolate product defects which can affect time-to-market

PVI designs Test Systems to measure and collect physical data related to:

  • Temperature
  • Vibration
  • Noise
  • Speed
  • Force
  • Electrical
  • Resistance
  • Strain
  • And other mechanical and electrical properties

We also engineer Machine Vision systems to visually identify or inspect properties such as Position and Dimension.

    Weld Fixture Tracking System Monitors Fabrication Process

    PVI designed custom data acquisition system and database to track manufacturing data relating to welding operations.

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