Machine Vision

Image-based Automated Inspection and Analysis Solutions

Machine Vision uses smart cameras and specifically-designed image capture technology to optimize processes for quality control and productivity. These “camera robots” quickly and accurately automate visual inspections – tracking and sorting the data that may otherwise be vulnerable to error when performed by humans. Machine Vision is ideal for the Manufacturing, Aerospace, Energy, Electronic, Automated Packaging, Automotive, and Pharmaceutical industries, or any application where a visual parameter needs to be identified and evaluated.

PVI Systems has developed machine vision systems that implement:

  • Scratch and defect detection
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Presence/no presence of features
  • Quality and workmanship inspection
  • Combined motion control and vision inspection

Machine Vision Engineering

Solving a difficult problem requiring machine vision technology involves tactical planning, and may require prototyping, feasibility analysis, consulting, and development assistance. We engage our client to discuss and evaluate the risks and challenges up front so there is a clear path to getting the job done properly and effectively.

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Machine Vision Projects

Visual Inspection Automation and Quality Control

Machine Vision integration in production lines delivers guaranteed quality, greater efficiency, and manufacturing consistency. Critical for quality control, Machine Vision provides production equipment the ability to automatically perform inspections to detect process flaws early in production operations which can dramatically reduce waste and decrease costs. Machine Vision systems provide the most reliable visual inspection results with the added benefits of inspecting in dirty, rough, industrial, and hazardous environments that may not be safe for humans.

Machine Vision Equipment

Equipment used in creating a machine vision solution will vary based on the type of application needed, environmental conditions, and quality control standards. Knowing the best combinations of equipment and how to integrate them is crucial to the success of any machine vision project. We work with our clients to engineer the optimal solution for their specific application.

NI Gold Partner - VisionTypical machine vision systems include cameras, lights (illumination), lenses, sensors, image processor, and communications equipment.

    PVI Systems has solved difficult inspection problems for a variety of industries. We have developed systems that combine motion control and machine vision to perform vision inspections that range from identifying sub-micron defects for parts in cleanroom environments to measuring part sizes in the heat and grit of a steel mill.

    Vision-based PID Control System

    PVI Systems developed, built, and installed a custom Process Control System for the material fabrication machine using Machine Vision.

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    Backplane and Midplane Pin Inspection System

    Miniature optics were utilized to scan the backplane or midplane of a system to find bent or broken pins.

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    Solar Panel Inspection System

    A fully automated final assembly inspection station was engineered for solar panel production lines.

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    Laser-Based Part Inspection System

    Using a laser light source and motion control technology, an automated part inspection system was developed.

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    VIDEO - Laser-Based Part Inspection System

    This video gives a brief overview and demonstration of a custom machine vision system for automating the inspection of metal rings. Watch Video

    Automated Inspection - Imaging System Examines Fiberoptic Assemblies

    PC-based imaging system integrates hardware and software to analyze captured images for fiber blemishes, chips, and cracks.

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    Smart Vision Board Checks Backplane Pins

    Embedding a vision system onto a circuit board allows the integrity of backplane pins to be closely monitored.

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    Linescan System Design for Robust Web Inspection

    Multiple linescan cameras utilized for applications requiring high resolution with large fields of view.

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