From solar panel production inspection to measuring oil platform anchor tension, PVI Systems has been helping companies monitor conditions and gather data to prevent unexpected failures and costly repairs. We have the measurement expertise to design custom systems to track machine or other assets for mechanical wear through testing for vibration, noise, strain, temperature, or other mechanical or electrical indicators.

Fuel Cell

UTC Asbestos panel inspection system for space shuttle fuel cell.

Oil Platform

Measurement system to monitor tension and bending in tendons used to anchor platform to the ocean floor

Solar Panel Manufacturer

Fully automated machine vision system to capture and process image data for final assembly product inspection.

Nuclear Power Plant

Environmental monitoring system for nuclear reactor.

Fuel Cell Manufacturer

Process monitoring system to improve product yield and reduce rework.

    Tendon Tension Measurement System for Oil Platforms

    PVI Systems worked with partners in the Oil Exploration Equipment industry to develop a Tendon Instrumentation System for oil platforms deployed in the Gulf of Mexico.

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    Solar Panel Inspection System

    A fully automated final assembly inspection station was engineered for solar panel production lines.

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