Data Acquisition

Measure, Store and Analyze Data

Data Acquisition

PVI has developed custom data acquisition systems for physical test and measurement ranging from mixed sensor data logging to real-time DAQ systems, as well as custom database management. We have designed systems based on NI’s PXI, Compact RIO (cRIO), and CompactDAQ (cDAQ) using acquisition modules for Dynamic Signal Acquisition (DSA), bridge sensors, high and low voltage, current sensors, resistance sensors, and more.

We are not bound to a specific hardware and have integrated other third party instruments or equipment such as PLCs, environmental chambers and other components into systems. We work with our clients to provide the best solutions for their application and budget.

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Sensor typesA typical DAQ system consists of sensors, DAQ measurement hardware, and a computer with programmable software.

Sensor types

  • Sound – Microphone: Condenser, Piezoelectric 
  • Vibration - Accelerometer
  • Force – Strain Gage
  • Weight – Load cell: Beam, S Beam, Canister, Low Profile 
  • Torque – Rotary, Digital Telemetry
  • Temperature – Thermocouple, Thermistor, RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector)
  • Pressure – Bridge-based, Capacitance Transducer, Piezoelectric, Conditioned, Optical
  • Voltage / Current

DAQ Measurement Hardware:

PXI – High performance modular instruments and I/O modules for synchronized test and measurement applications. Modules can be controlled via an embedded controller or external PC. PXI
CompactDAQ (cDAQ) – Integrates hardware (chassis, controller and modules) for data I/O and LabVIEW software. Can be connected to a PC through USB or Ethernet. Ideal for benchtop or in a distributed environment. CompactDAQ (cDAQ)
CompactRIO (cRIO) – High-performance processing system with sensor-specific conditioned I/O and closely integrated software toolchain. Ideal for monitoring and control applications. CompactRIO (cRIO)

Programmable Software

We use LabVIEW system engineering software for custom test and measurement applications. Features include drag and drop UI, data analysis, deployment, debugging capabilities, timing constructs, and more.

Turnkey Alternative

Chameleon DAQFor turnkey DAQ application needs, we developed the powerful and flexible Chameleon System.  Chameleon is an out-of-the-box, configurable DAQ system based on NI technologies. Successful implementations include structural, strain and thermal testing; dynamic testing (vibration and acoustics); and mixed sensor applications. It is scalable from benchtop to multi-chassis distributed data acquisition systems using the same simple-to-use solution. For more information, visit our Chameleon DAQ website.

    Custom DAQ System

    Custom DAQ system for FDA-approved consumer product with centralized data storage to improve report generation.

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    Tendon Tension Measurement System for Oil Platforms

    PVI Systems worked with partners in the Oil Exploration Equipment industry to develop a Tendon Instrumentation System for oil platforms deployed in the Gulf of Mexico.

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    Auto Test Track Weather Station

    PVI Systems developed a weather station for a leading consumer magazine’s test track to reliably measure meteorological information continuously throughout the year.

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