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Automated Test & Measurement
PVI Systems designs custom Automated Test and Measurement Systems for applications ranging from R&D lab testing to manufacturer product testing. Automating in-process or end-of-line testing can be the difference between getting a product to market on time and encountering costly delays due to quality issues. Automated Test & Measurement systems typically include Motion & Process Control and Data Acquisition. Our team of engineers will work with your engineers to optimize the development and implementation of test systems for your specific application.

Reduce Costs and Risk - Incorporate Test from Design through Production

Testing should be performed at the Design Level, during Pre-Production and Production, and finally with the Finished Product. The sooner test is involved, the better the outcome of the final product.

Incorporating test design during the product design process reduces costs later by determining any problems associated with the production sooner rather than at the finished product level.

Analyzing test data throughout the production process can uncover issues associated with design flaws, machining problems, and/or human error before the product is completed. Early detection reduces costs by identifying the source of the flaw, defect, or problem and allowing time for changes to be made.

Benefits of an Automated Test and Measurement System

  • Acquire more accurate data by minimizing human interaction in test processes
  • Monitor and log test results in real-time
  • Improve/optimize testing workflow and provide consistency by automating repetitive tasks
  • Ability to test more often which improves quality and reliability of data
  • Saves time and money by providing data feedback throughout process, reducing rework/returns

  • Product Validation – Test products in development by measuring and comparing actual specs to design specs to improve product consistency.
  • Quality Control – Confirm final products meet design and quality control requirements.
  • Certification – Affirm products meet standards of quality.
PVI can design Test Systems to measure and collect physical data related to:
  • Temperature
  • Vibration
  • Noise
  • Speed
  • Force
  • Electrical
  • Resistance
  • Strain
PVI has developed custom data acquisition systems for physical test and measurement ranging from mixed sensor data logging to real-time DAQ systems. We have designed systems based on NI’s PXI, Compact RIO (cRIO), and CompactDAQ (cDAQ) using acquisition modules for Dynamic Signal Acquisition (DSA), bridge sensors, high and low voltage, current sensors, resistance sensors, and more. We are not bound to a specific hardware and have integrated other third party instruments or equipment such as PLCs, environmental chambers and other components into systems. We work with our clients to provide the best solutions for their application and budget. For Test and Measurement solutions related to visual identification or inspection such as Position and Dimension, visit our Machine Vision page. Sound Analytics For pharmaceutical lab automation, test, and analysis solutions, visit our affiliate, Sound Analytics.  
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    Chameleon Monitors Environmental Conditions During Product Transport

    Aerospace manufacturer requested a DAQ and logging system to monitor and record environmental conditions of a multi-day product transport to ensure the product experienced no damage during transport.
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    TestStand Development for Production Testing

    New production dielectric/highpot, in-circuit, and functional testing program was developed for a defense contractor.

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