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Aerospace and defense

Since 1999, PVI Systems has been working with major Aerospace and Defense manufacturers and subcontractors to provide innovative and flexible Mechanical and Electrical Test solutions to meet project goals, budgets, and schedules. We are experienced in developing custom systems for:

  • Engine operational testing
  • Aircraft, submarine, or other structure testing
  • Parts defect detection
  • Real-time data logging
  • High channel count data acquisition (Chameleon DAQ Software)
  • Mechanical and electrical test parameters such as strain, temperature, vibration, voltage, and pressure.

Based on years of experience with sensors and testing methods, PVI’s measurement expertise can design a test system for your specific application. From hardware to software, we will collaborate with your team to develop a solution for your application.

Our engineers can also assist with upgrading operating systems and hardware to keep test systems functional as products, product certification, and quality control parameters become more complex.

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Chameleon TurnKey DAQ for Aerospace and Defense Applications

Chameleon has been used to acquire physical measurements from deep sea to space and everything in between.

If you need an affordable, robust, flexible and high quality configuration-based DAQ system for rapid out of the box measurements, Chameleon is the solution. Chameleon reduces risk and project time associated with developing and maintaining a custom solution.

Chameleon Data Acquisition

Chameleon is an out-of-the-box, configurable DAQ system based on NI technologies. Successful implementations include structural, strain and thermal testing; dynamic testing (vibration and acoustics); and mixed sensor applications. Scalable from benchtop to multi-chassis distributed data acquisition systems using the same simple-to-use solution.

Chameleon Specs:

  • Scalability to 1000+ channels
  • Signal Types Voltage, IEPE, strain, bridge-based, thermocouples, RTDs, current, resistance
  • Hardware Form Factor NI PXI and PXI Express, NI CompactDAQ
  • Synchronization Inter-channel skew as low as 5 ns
  • Sampling Rates From less than 1 S/s up to 2MS/s
  • A/D, D/A Conversion 24-bit with up to 118 dB dynamic range
  • Coupling AC or DC
  • External Timing Source GPS, IEEE 1588, IRIG-B
  • Multiple chassis configuration with distributed controllers or MXI interface
  • Multiple chassis time synchronization

Chameleon Brochure (PDF)

The Value of Test

Delivering Cutting Edge Technology Requires Systems That Work

To remain globally competitive, Aerospace and Defense contractors and subcontractors need to offer new and innovative technologies. From R&D to Quality Control, an integrated test strategy is critical to validating design and functionality, and provide data needed to mitigate risk associated with new technologies or production processes.

As systems become more complex, testing follows suit. Strategic testing of designs, parts, subassemblies, and assemblies are vital to improving productivity and quality, as well as ensuring products are brought to market in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Reduce Costs and Improve ROI by Implementing Testing from Design through Production

Simply stated - the sooner test is involved, the better the outcome.

Test should be integrated in the beginning of the product design and development budgetary planning rather than being an afterthought, or end-of-line task. Properly budgeting and implementing test strategies at the design, pre-production, production, and final testing levels ensures more quality control throughout the entire process. Collecting real-time data at all levels of product development confirms systems are working properly, leading to more efficient development cycles, optimizing schedules, reduced labor and other costs associated with rework.

Testing data provides insight into the design and production process, detecting problems relating to materials, machining, failed parts, or human error within product development and manufacturing. Detecting problems in design early and making small changes can reduce testing costs later in the production process. A single change at the design level has less impact to budgets than waiting until test is done at the production level.

    Chameleon Monitors Environmental Conditions During Product Transport

    Aerospace manufacturer requested a DAQ and logging system to monitor and record environmental conditions of a multi-day product transport to ensure the product experienced no damage during transport.

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    TestStand Development for Production Testing

    New production dielectric/highpot, in-circuit, and functional testing program was developed for a defense contractor.

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    Data Acquisition for Shooter Detection System

    Time-synchronized data for a firing range.

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    Strain Testing on Gulfstream GIII Cargo Door

    PVI Systems to develop a testing system to collect data to validate the Finite Element Model (FEM) on a modified Gulfstream GIII.

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