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The Company

Since 1999, PVI Systems has been designing and building Test and Measurement systems to provide clients with solutions that significantly improve their product development, manufacturing, or testing processes.

We custom engineer solutions in the fields of:

  • Data Acquisition – Applications include physical measurement data acquisition / mixed sensor data logging, real-time DAQ systems, custom database management, and more.
  • Automated Test & Measurement – Automate in-process or end-of-line testing to acquire more accurate data and optimize testing workflow.
  • Machine Vision – Automate visual inspection for tracking and sorting data related to defect detection, dimensional analysis, workmanship inspection, and more.
  • Process & Motion Control – Automate manual processes to improve workflow, reduce human error and ensure quality.

We work with leading companies from a diverse array of industries including Defense, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Academia, and more.

From software architecture to system-level hardware design, we focus on developing the most effective solutions resulting in critical benefits for our clients such as improving the inspection of a product, saving money by automating manual procedures, or avoid equipment obsolescence. PVI often works with our clients' engineering teams to maximize budgets and execute business plans to achieve profitable and timely results.

Chameleon Data Acquisition


PVI Systems developed the Chameleon System, a powerful and flexible system for turnkey DAQ application needs. Chameleon’s unique architecture provides the same intuitive interface whether configuring basic or high-channel (1000+) count systems.

As an NI (National Instruments) Integration Partner, our engineers are skilled at incorporating NI devices with custom-designed software to provide unique solutions for R&D and manufacturing.

National Instruments Gold PartnerNI Gold Partner - Vision

    From concept to delivery, PVI implements its highest standards in every project

    “Engineered Excellence” is a process which starts from a fundamental understanding of the problem to determine the best and most innovative path to the solution and continues through project completion and delivery. We believe constant communication and interaction between our engineers and our clients are crucial to the success of each project and key to building a valuable and trustworthy relationship.

    Whether you have a clearly-defined project idea, or a paper-napkin concept, we will work with you to transform it into a usable system.

    Contact us for more information or a system proposal.