Process and Motion Control

PVI Systems has solved difficult process and motion control problems for a variety of applications in the general manufacturing, solar, energy and pharmaceutical industries.  These applications generally require real-time control of components such as, pumps, robotic arms, or stepper and servo motors.  Our real-time control systems are developed using National Instruments CompactRIO (cRIO) controllers and modules, and LabVIEW software. 

Case Studies
Clean and Fill System for Production Test of High End Servers: An automated system that flushes the server cooling system with water and then files the system with an appropriate amount of BTA coolant.

Dual-Arm Autosampler for Drug Discovery: A high speed dual arm autosampling system that provides drug discovery scientists with the fastest, high quality delivery available for traditional sample acquisition methods (LC-MS).

Pharmaceutical Lab Automated Systems
PVI Systems designed a series of machines to automate the physical aspects of pharmaceutical lab testing. Measurements were saved to a database at a remote server location.

 ADDA flow diagramADDA Closeup



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