Automated Vision Inspection

PVI Systems has solved difficult inspection problems for a variety of industries. We have developed systems that combine motion control and vision inspection to perform vision inspections that range from identifying sub-micron defects for parts in cleanroom environments to measuring part sizes in the heat and grit of a steel mill. 

Window InspectionPVI has developed systems that perform scratch and defect detection, dimensional analysis, determine presence/no presence of features, qualtiy and workmanship inspection, and much more.  With our extensive vision experience, PVI's team of engineers can significantly help expedite your development time, whether it is a new process that requires R&D or a well defined problem.

Solving a difficult vision problem requires tactical planning, which sometimes requires prototyping, feasibility analysis, consulting and development assistance.  We evaluate the risks and challenges up front so there is a clear path to getting the job done.

Support for Wide Range of Cameras
We choose the sensor type, resolution, bandwidth, and camera bus interface that meets your needs and are compatible with  NI products. The NI Vision Acquisition Software package offers optimized drivers for industry-standard camera interfaces and, with LabVIEW drivers for specialty cameras, you can integrate traditional area scan, line scan, thermal, 3D cameras, lasers, webcams, and more.

Large Offerings of Deployment Hardware Options
We are not tied to a specific hardware option.  National Instruments offers rugged and reliable smart cameras to embedded vision systems to frame grabbers for PXI- and PC-based systems, and has the hardware to meet your application needs and integrate imaging with DAQ, motion, and more. NI vision software works across the entire range of targets, giving you the flexibility to choose the right platform and form factor every time. If NI isn't the best solution, we'll work with our client and our suppliers to select the best solution for the project. 

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