Vision Inspection Technology

Machine Vision Technology

Machine Vision is considered an intelligent automation solution specifically designed to optimize and automate manufacturing processes for quality control. Machine Vision is based on using smart cameras and image capture technology, in other words “camera robots” to automate visual inspections, tracking, and sorting that may otherwise be vulnerable to error when performed by humans. Using Machine Vision can dramatically reduce waste by detecting process flaws early in the production process. Machine Vision is ideal for manufacturing, aerospace , automated packaging, food, beverage, chemical, automotive and pharmaceuticals industries.

Visual Inspection AutomationSolar Panel Cameras and Light

Machine vision optimizes efficiency in manufacturing lines by giving production equipment the ability to automatically perform inspections. Visual inspections in the manufacturing process are critical for many quality controls and production processes. Machine vision integration enables guaranteed quality, greater efficiency and manufacturing consistency.

Machine Vision systems provide the most reliable visual inspection results with the added benefits of inspecting in dirty, rough, industrial and hazardous environments that may not be safe for human inspections. 

Machine Vision Equipment

Equipment used in creating a machine vision solution will vary based on the type of application needed, the environmental conditions, and quality control standards. Knowing the best combinations of equipment to combine and how to integrate them for automation into the manufacturing process is crucial to the success of any machine vision project.

  • Industrial Contact Image Sensors / CIS Sensors
  • Smart Cameras , Line Scan Cameras , Area Scan Cameras
  • CMOS Cameras, CCD Cameras, Tichawa Vision Solutions 

Machine Vision Quality Control

Using Machine Vision solutions in manufacturing and production environments allows for increased quality control and productivity. Quality Control is achieved by using smart camera machine vision technology to quickly and accurately carry out tasks that may be subject to human error and a limited pace.

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