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PVI provides products and services for the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industries.  Our Sound Analytics subsidiary has developed hardware and software products that enhance the drug discovery process.  PVI has provided extensive support to the world's largest pharmaceutical companies for both R&D and manufacturing. 


ADDA High-Speed Dual Arm Autosampling System

PVI Systems partnered with Pfizer and Apricot Designs to develop the ADDA High Speed Dual Arm Autosampling System for use in high throughput labs. With the ADDA system, large volumes of samples can be analyzed with extraordinary turnaround time and reliability.

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DiscoveryQuant™ DiscoveryQuant Panel

DiscoveryQuant™ was developed in cooperation with Pfizer and is being marketed and sold through AB Sciex. DiscoveryQuant™ improves the speed of analysis and information gathering of drug candidates in high-throughput studies. With a simple and elegant workflow, DiscoveryQuant™ Software is a comprehensive software solution that streamlines the drug discovery process by providing better efficiency and productivity. 

A LabVIEW Application: DiscoveryQuant™ is written entirely using National Instruments LabVIEW development environment. 

Tech Note: DiscoveryQuant™ 2.1 Software for High-Throughput Quantitative Workflows

Tech Note: DiscoveryQuant™ 2.0 Software: The Definitive Solution for LC/MS/MS Early-ADME Workflows



Pharmaceutical Lab Automation

PVI Systems designed a series of machines to automate the physical aspects of pharmaceutical lab testing. Measurements were saved to a database at a remote server location. 



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