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PVI Systems is a National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner providing customized engineering solutions to a diverse array of industries including; Life Sciences, Phamaceutical, Defense, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Energy, and Marine. PVI’s experienced team of engineers are skilled at integrating NI devices with custom designed hardware and software to provide unique solutions for R&D and manufacturing, particularly in the fields of Data Acquisition, Machine Vision, Automated Test, and Motion/Process Control. Since 1999, PVI has focused on tackling difficult engineering problems and providing customers with solutions that significantly improve their development and manufacturing processes.



Solar Panel Inspection MockupPVI links innovation with results.  Our clients commission us to solve difficult problems, most of which have not yet been solved.  We call it, “Engineered Excellence.”  Excellence is a process, which starts from a fundamental understanding of the problem.  Once we convince ourselves we can solve the problem, we then focus on mitigating the client’s risk.   This often begins with either a feasibility study or a proof of concept. An example of where we built a proof of concept was for the inspection of a solar pane. Our full scale, automated mock-up of the transport system enabled us to emulate (almost exactly) the image capture process as envisioned on the final installed system. This approach allowed us to verify, upfront, that we have a robust solution with the appropriate accuracy and repeatability. 

We can take a client’s “paper napkin” concept and transform it into a turnkey system, perform R&D studies on a new product, offer consulting services on new processes, or simply be an engineer for hire to help finish a project.  In all cases, PVI functions as an extension of our client’s engineering team.  As engineering departments get smaller, we understand that autonomy is not an option. Constant communication and interaction between our engineers and our clients is crucial to the success of each project.

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PVI Company Overview

An Experienced Staff with Diverse Backgrounds

What differentiates PVI Systems from other companies is our expert staff. They bring a wealth of business and technical experience from leading research and manufacturing companies in pharmaceutical, computer, communications, and consumer goods industries. Throughout their careers at PVI Systems, our engineers continue to strengthen and broaden their areas of expertise, researching and applying the latest technologies to provide customers with the best and most efficient solutions possible.